Chiropractic and Spring Allergies

With warmer temperatures finally here, spring is in full bloom. This means for more than 20 percent of us that suffer from seasonal allergies – sneezing, itchy eyes, rashes and symptoms of allergic rhinitis. While there are many treatment options available for allergy sufferers, chiropractic care has become increasingly popular because of its efficacy and absence of side effects.

Orthodox medicine does not offer a cure for allergies. The most common treatments are antihistamines to combat histamines that cause eye redness, sinus congestion, and other allergy symptoms. These medications used to treat symptoms of seasonal allergies often have a variety of side effects that can leave some feeling groggy and tired – particularly when they’re taken with alcohol, sedatives, or tranquilizers. More serious side effects of allergy medications include infection, suppressed immunity, and hypertension. A 1994 Journal of the National Cancer Institute also produced research showing a link between certain antihistamines and cancerous tumors in lab rodents.

Unlike medications that have side effects and have been developed solely for minimizing or masking allergy symptoms, chiropractic care helps restore the body’s ability to adapt to allergens by locating and reducing disturbances in the nervous system. As an allergen is introduced to the body, the immune, glandular, and respiratory systems can react inappropriately causing symptoms of allergies. The chiropractic approach to treating this over response by the body is to release stress on the nervous system so that immune system can function more effectively.

By removing stuck neurological patterns, stress can be relieved, and the body can begin to neutralize allergy-causing chemicals. With the nervous system in check, symptoms of allergies often subside. Thus, the focus on chiropractic care for allergies is truly building a healthier body, as opposed to either eliminating allergens or treating symptoms with medications.

Whether or not you’re suffering from allergies this spring, it’s beneficial for your long-term health to have a healthy spine. A spinal checkup can determine if you have stuck neurological patterns that could be contributing to allergy symptoms or other conditions that can affect your health, strength, and vitality. Call Lowrey Chiropractic, El Dorado Hills Chiropractor at (916) 941-7508 today to find out how chiropractic care can help you!

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